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Breed description
typical French sheep bred

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Berrichon du Cher
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Breed description
Berrichon du Cher
Typical features:
The Berrichon du Cher is a medium-frame, white meat sheep.
The neck is short and strong.
The animals have a deep wide body with good curved chest and strong legs.
The back is broad, long and very brawny.
The limbs are delicate and of medium length.
The white wool has a fineness of 26.5 to 30 micrometers (microns)
The females are aseasonal and precocious,
so that you can produce quality lambs all over the year.
Our goal is:
Zto breed an adaptable mutton sheep with good brawny back and legs, which is particularly suitable both for pure breeding and for utility crossings with other meat sheep to produce quality lambs.( For example Merino - Bald - Zwartbles - Schwarzkopf and Romanov x Berrichon) Mother animals should have good maternal qualities and high milk production to achieve high growth rates among lambs
Lambs of Berrichon du Cher:
reach a weight of 27-30 kg within 70 days. Crossing lambs are brought to market 3 – 4 months old, weighing 35 - 42 kg. - The lambs daily gain in weight is 350 - 450 g, the meat percentage at a standard live weight of 42 kg is 50 to 53%. The records of Berrichon slaughterings show that over 70% of lambs are classified as excellent. The carcass is very consistent and very high level.
The crossing results were recorded in a study of ‘UPRA Berrichon Paris’. This study shows that Berrichon du Cher classifies above the average compared to other breeds. These results were confirmed by progeny testing In the farming area Weser-Ems (Germany). Example Bock Daniel NMS: TZ 123-FV103-BM116-VF111
Performance data Berrichon du Cher:

Senior rams
Yearling rams
Lamb rams (6 months)

Breeding lambs (6 months)
Meat sheep with excellent breeding qualities
Body Weight:      Vliegewicht:

110 - 150 kg             4,0 - 5,5 kg
  90 - 110 kg
  60 -   80 kg
  70 - 100 kg             4,0 - 4,5 kg    180 – 200 % delivering rate

   50 -  60 kg
Ram "Daniel"
Berrichon du Cher a typical French sheep bred :
Berrichon du Cher is a typical French sheep bred for meat which, at the end of the 18th century in central France, originated from crossbreeding Marinos and English breeds with the French breed called Berrichon de l’indre.
In the forefront in professionalism, the Berrichon du Cher breeding program in France is centrally directed and controlled by GE.O.DE (Genetique Ovine et Developpement). Each year out of 35,000 ewes in the breeding program, 1200 young rams will be examined and evaluated for the insemination program. By a very strict process of evaluation, only the 4 best young rams will be selected for the program. The entire flock of ewes will be artificially inseminated from these top 4 rams. From these ewes, 65% will become pregnant, or gravid; the rest will be fertilized naturally by the rams.
In France, Berrichon du Cher rams are the top choice for crossbreeding with milk sheep and land sheep breeds. The lambs from these crossbreedings show great vitality and take quickly to the udder. From birth, they have a good coat of wool and can endure unfavorable weather conditions.